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Mission & Value Proposition

Positioning Statement

To give back time and enable the patient and their family to forget, even if just for 30 minutes, that they are sick and enjoy a home cooked meal several times a week.


Ready Prepared Food preparation and delivery.

Value Proposition

To be a trusted 501(c)(3) through:
  1. Transparency on our website posting all financials, planning and program outcome measures.

  2. Keeping diligent records and data analysis on our services.

Have a fair and reasonable nomination process.

  1. The nomination process will include partnership with local cancer support centers and oncology experts with a future goal of forming a patient advisory committee.

  2. Another future goal is to connect to other local cancer services to provide awareness and connect patients to other organizations that can help.

Operational efficiency

  1. Menu planning will be in coordination with a local nutritionist.

  2. Designated delivery days and times.

  3. Web and social media facilitating operating efficiencies.

  4. Financial advisors to help growth – planning – donations and social enterprise.

Program Excellence

Cherish the gift of kindness.

Financial integrity and commitment to stewardship in using financial resources entrusted to us by our community of family and friends is a cornerstone of our mission. Preparing a budget in these uncertain times of post pandemic and high inflation is challenging, but we plan to revisit the budget quarterly to focus on long term stability.

We plan to study and publish our mission impact - this will take time to form partnerships with other organizations supporting cancer, but we want to take a more holistic approach – even if our part is small.

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